Reduction / Outline / Interpretation, Dec.2022 The WhiteDec.20, 2022 (Tue.) - Jan.21, 2023 (Sat.)

Venue:The White


The Whiteでは、澤田育久の新作による展覧会「Reduction / Outline / Interpretation, Dec.2022 The White」を開催します。

The White is pleased to present 'Reduction / Outline / Interpretation, Dec.2022 The White', an exhibition of new works by Ikuhisa Sawada. In the previous exhibition in the same series, Sawada presented low-resolution photographic works in print and slide show format. However, he has created a new video work and soundtrack, creating an installation of still and moving images and sound.
Low-resolution photography removes information from the subject and deprives it of concreteness. And low-resolution movies look like the record of the past and confuse the zeitgeist. The highly abstract still images and the ambiguous age movies interfere with each other and shake up the everyday landscape. How does our way of looking at things change when we simultaneously experience images that are difficult to read in detail? I'd like you to please take this opportunity to visit the exhibition.